About this blog

This blog is for anyone interested in wood.
It will be created by you the readers.
The idea is simple: take a log of firewood and craft it into anything.
The only condition is that the wood you use is firewood, or waste, either green or seasoned. Please see the rules page for the rules and conditions of submitting.

So why pimpmyfirewood?

Well, I have been working in the wood world for over 20 years and being a member of many wood forums, I follow fellow wood workers blogs. These blogs have inspired me and taught me things I never knew, and have introduced me to many new ideas. Also, when I write my own blogs, people ask all sorts of questions. Things like: where can I get my wood from, what sort of wood can I use, and how do I stop my wood from splitting?
I hope that these questions, each of which have many answers, will be answered in as many ways by you and your experiences. Firewood is a cheap or free resource that can easily be used, and we often overlook these bits of wood, but there are some real gems lurking in the wood pile.

I come from a green woodworking background, but also have an electric workshop. I love trees and wood and want to promote greater understanding and sharing of knowledge.
Woodwork does not have to be an expensive hobby or business. Woodwork is fun, and many people get a great deal of pleasure from making something they can use or sell.
I also like to see and do things that are out of the ordinary, and to find new ways of making or thinking about design, process and material selection. I hope that by asking worker from very different disciplines that we can share our collective knowledge and experiences, and also inspire each other to try new ways of thinking and working.